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ProxLogs are miniaturized biologgers designed to record proximity and movement data of small animals by alternating between transmitting their own identification and looking for other loggers in the environment.

The system is controlled via a mobile phone application, available for both Android and iOS devices. You can access and update the app through a URL provided by IoSA.

The system consists of mobile loggers, stationary loggers, gateways, chargers, and a mobile phone application.

Mobile loggers are attached to animals to track their proximity and movement. They come in different sizes and battery capacities to suit various study needs.

Stationary loggers are placed in the environment to detect coarse movements and proximity to environmental objects. They have larger batteries and antennas to increase transmission range.

Mobile loggers are charged using bespoke chargers with 2 or 10 bays. Stationary loggers are charged via a USB-C connection.

Mobile loggers require additional sealant, such as dental epoxy or liquid rubber, before being placed in the field. Stationary loggers should be waterproofed using plastic bags or waterproof junction boxes. Out of the box, they are not ready for field-use. 

Attachment methods vary by species. Examples include collar-based approaches for rodents and small backpacks for birds. We only provide a bare logger, and it is upon the researcher to provide an attachment method.

The gateway remotely downloads data from loggers and updates logger clocks.

Battery Life

The battery life of the system is heavily dependent on the configured parameters. Use the following section to get an estimation of battery life for your use-case.

Each logger will look for other loggers at a set interval. The "Resolution"-slider reflects this interval. If the slider is set to 10 seconds, you will get data on nearby loggers every 10 seconds.

Most of the energy in the ProxLogs-system goes towards detecting other loggers. If your research-question does not require proximity data in between animal-loggers and you are just looking to get presence data in between stationary loggers and microLoggers, you can disable the detection-mechanism on the microLoggers. This is what "Presence only means". In "Presence only"-mode, you make the microLoggers more efficient (and the Stationary loggers less efficient) to increase the battery life of your experiment.

When enabling "Long Range" you get a slight increase in your detection range but you will lose a small amount of battery life.

Like mentioned in Battery FAQ #2, the detection-mechanism can be disabled on a logger. If the detection mechanism is disabled on a particular logger, the "Transmitting only" will give you the estimation of how many hours it can operate. Otherwise the detecting battery life is what you should be looking at.

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