Next Generation biologging to understand animal behaviour

The Logger

A better way to track proximity for Small Animals

The ProxLogs-system is an extremely light-weight easy to use system that provides valuable data and insights in the behaviour of your animals.

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As light as a feather

The ProxLogs-system is among the lightest of its kind, starting at 1g. 

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Tweak parameters on the fly, even during your study

Using our fieldwork-friendly app, you can tweak various parameters on the fly to adjust/correct where needed, even when the study has already started.


Extremely small proximity logger, designed for use on small animals. Starting at 1g. they are perfect for species starting at 20g or more.

Stationary Logger

Larger proximity logger with a longer battery-life, designed to give presence/proximity data on specific points of interest. Can also be used as a regular proximity logger on larger animals.

ProxLogs Gateway

Whether you're starting from scratch or redesigning an existing site, our tools can power up your processes.

  • Remote data retrieval
  • Time synchronisation
  • System monitoring
  • Local data storage

How our loggers are being used

Highlighting some interesting research topics from our testers

How Do Vultures Date? 

Calculate your battery life

Using the calculator below, we provide a rough estimation on how long the loggers would run for.

Proxlogs Calculator
Battery Size
Data Type
Transmitting only

Papers using our system

The best way to showcase our system is through the papers of our testers

University of Zaragosa

Using proximity loggers in studies of sheep behavior: an estimation of the daily frequency of water consumption

Some of our partners