How Do Vultures Date? 

How Do Vultures Date? Romance in Planckendael

In the tranquil environment of Planckendael, a unique vulture dating experiment is taking place. This program brings together young cinereous vultures from across Europe, allowing them to choose their own mates. This approach has proven to increase the chances of successful breeding, crucial for the conservation of these endangered birds.

Improving Breeding Success with Technology

Recently, we at IoSA have partnered with the Zoo of Antwerp to enhance this program with our cutting-edge proximity loggers. These devices are designed to track the interactions and preferences of vultures, providing invaluable data for the breeding program.

Key Features of Our Proximity Loggers

  • Precision Tracking: Our loggers accurately measure the proximity between individual vultures, capturing detailed social interaction data.
  • Advanced Algorithms: Using clustering algorithms like DBScan, we analyze the data to identify patterns in vulture behavior and mate selection.
  • Non-Intrusive Design: The loggers are custom-fitted as lightweight leg rings, ensuring they do not hinder or influence the vultures’ natural behaviors.

Insights and Observations

Our loggers have revealed that vultures exhibit different behaviors when no visitors are present, highlighting the importance of a controlled observation environment. This data is crucial for understanding their natural interactions and improving the conditions for breeding success.

Supporting Vulture Conservation

Our collaboration supports the Vulture Conservation Foundation’s efforts to protect and reintroduce vultures into their natural habitats. By providing detailed insights into vulture behavior, our technology plays a vital role in these conservation initiatives.


Through our innovative proximity loggers, we are contributing to the success of the vulture breeding program in Planckendael. Our technology not only enhances the understanding of vulture social dynamics but also supports broader conservation efforts. For more information on our loggers and ongoing projects, please contact us or visit our website. Together, we can ensure a thriving future for these majestic birds.

Ivan is the original creator and co-founder of the IoSA ProxLogs system. What started initially as his master's dissertation has grown into a full blown proximity logging system tailored to small animals.