A better way to track (small) animals

Monitoring your animals can be a hassle. We make it easy, both for you and for the animal.

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A better way to track animals

Our animal-trackers are extremely light and small and

Tracking sustainably

Our loggers are designed to limit the impact on the animal as much as possible, by reducing the weight, size and drag as much as possible. We're also looking into ways of incorporating bio-degradable PCB and energy-harvesting to further reduce our footprint.

Extremely lightweight

Our tracking-devices start at just 0.9 grams, perfect for monitoring mammals and birds weighing 20 grams or more.


Unlike other tiny trackers, our trackers are rechargeable, with the additional option for solar-charging on select (bigger) models to remove the need for charging altogether.

Wireless data retrieval

The data gathered by the animal-trackers is wireless transmitted to nearby gateways over Bluetooth, so that data is always safe and up to date, even when you lose the tracker.

In the palm of your hand

Easily control every aspect of our tracking system from the convenience of your smartphone. With our mobile app, you can set up and label a tracker, adjust its tracking resolution, perform firmware updates, and view collected data – all from the palm of your hand.

Mobile notifications

Receive mobile notifications informing you of critical events happening in your tracking system, such a tracker leaving the area of a gateway (eg. geofencing), a tracker coming near another tracker, or a tracker that has stopped moving at all.

Tweaking on the go

Change your tracking parameters instantly without going through a complicated process. Just flick a virtual switch in your app and your tracker responds immedeatly.

Firmware upgrades

Keep your tracking devices up to date by updating them wirelessly using the IoSA-app. Updates are sent straight to your phone and can be installed with the press of a button.
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Stay on top of your animals

We're in the process of finilizing our first prototype of our cloud-platform which can be used to monitor your animals remotely and in real-time. Perform firmware-updates, get notifications on important events and manage your tracking devices from your couch.

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Remote data-retrieval

Get instant access to your data from anywhere in the world. Manual data-retrievals often can influence the behavior of your animals and by streaming data straight to the cloud the days of data-loss are over. We offer both Bluetooth (up to 50 meters to mobile phone) and LTE (general mobile coverage) connectivity for our gateways.

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Lucinda kirkpatrick

We started with a miniaturised proximity logger which acts as a contact tracer for smaller animals like birds and mice. But this is just the beginning – as a team we are hugely passionate about creating devices that provide insights into animal behaviour that can help us protect and conserve animals.

Luci Kirkpatrick, CEO at IoSA

On a mission towards sustainable tracking

IoSA is a spin-off of IMEC and the University of Antwerp, with the aim to use the recent developments in IoT to make animal tracking more sustainable.

To conserve, protect and improve the conditions for animals, we need to understand their movements and behavior, not only from a biodiversity angle, but also for domestic animals such as livestock animal behavior provides valuable information about the animals’ health. However, the tools to effectively monitor animal behavior have been lacking, particularly for smaller wild animals. To meet this need, IoSa (the Internet of Small Animals) aims at developing an ultralight highly accurate monitoring tool that can be used to gather new insights in wild animal behavior and health, but also in early warning systems for live stock health.

IoSA combines the expertise of engineers of imec-IDlab, and ecologists of Antwerp University to create logging tools, focusing on gathering and processing relevant behavioral information, focusing on ultra-low power, ultra-light miniaturized solutions. IoSA’s solutions will provide new valuable insights to researchers, wildlife and conservation organisations, zoos and farmers on how animals interact and move.

Meet our Team

Ecologists and engineers brought together...

  • Lucinda kirkpatrick

    Dr. Luci Kirkpatrick

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Ivan Herrera Olivares

    Ivan Herrera Olivares

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Maarten Weyn

    Prof. Dr. Maarten Weyn


  • Herwig Leirs

    Prof. Dr. Herwig Leirs


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The most asked questions

The battery life of our trackers varies based on the model, battery type, and tracking settings. For more information on expected battery life, please consult our battery lifetime calculator.

For our small loggers, we offer a specialized charger that can charge up to 10 loggers simultaneously. Stationary loggers and gateways can be recharged using a USB-C cable.

Soon, trial-kits will be available at a small cost which will contain 4 tiny loggers, 2 stationary loggers and 1 gateway for you to test the whole system before going further.